Include BEST budget in general civic budget: Phanse

    Include BEST budget in general civic budget: Phanse
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    Mumbai – BEST is an undertaking of the MCGM which is currently facing losses. Hence demand for inclusion of the BEST budget in the general budget of civic body has been raised.

    The BEST administration presents its annual budget every year. It had sent its deficit budget of Rs 550 crore for the year 2017-18 was sent to the standing committee for its nod. As it was a deficit budget, the BMC had rejected the BEST budget.
    The BEST has been taking overdraft to pay salaries of its 44,000 employees. These employees have not received their salaries of this month yet. The MCGM provides financial assistance to BEST but now time has come to take steps to strengthen financial condition of this undertaking.

    The Union Government had included Railway Budget in its General Budget. Following the same line, the BEST budget should be presented along with the civic budget, demanded Yashodhar Phanse, former chairman of BMC standing committee.
    It is to be mentioned here that the general budget of civic body will be presented in next few days. The standing committee had instructed to include BEST budget in the civic budget. He also said that the administration was given a reminder in this connection. If it happens, it would be easier to divert the civic financial help to BEST and bring it on track, Phanse pointed out.

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