Iron rod pierces through a labourer at a construction site; survives post surgery

Doctors said that Pal survived because the rods did not puncture any of his vital organs


20-year-old something Rajendra Pal working at Cuffe Parade fell in an under-construction pit where he got impaled by two rods but was saved miraculously. The incident happened on Friday night.

After falling into the pit, two rods impaled his body. One pierced through his chest and one through his abdomen. Before taking him to the hospital, with the help of a gas cutter, his rods were cut and then he was immediately moved to Gokuldas Tejpal Hospital.

After 2.5 hours of surgery, Dr. Jitendra Sankpal removed the rods successfully from the chest and abdomen.

He was lucky as the rod did not puncture any vital organs. He is stable now and is recuperating.” 

Dr. Sankpal