Lockdown to be imposed in Maharastra once again?

Over the last few days, i.e. after the restrictions were lifted across few districts, coronavirus cases have seen a rise in many parts of Maharashtra and the positivity rate has reduced. These factors have increased the concerns for the government again.

Lockdown to be imposed in Maharastra once again?
Restrictions imposed in the state of Maharashtra due to the second coronavirus (COVID-19) wave were relaxed recently as the number of cases has declined significantly over the last few weeks. Reports released by the state health department have shown that that patients recovering from the infection have been high across several districts, and this led to the decision of lockdown being lifted in the state.

However, the government has also been cautious about the infection spreading again and keeping the same in mind, cities have been categorised under five levels, basis which the unlock plan was announced. On the other hand, officials are also taking steps to ensure people do not flout COVID-19 norms as it could worsen the situation. Keeping this in mind, the government recently hinted that drastic steps could be taken regarding the lockdown and strict restrictions could be imposed again in districts that have high positivity rate. 

The decision regarding the same is likely to be taken in the next eight days, said State Disaster Management Minister Vijay Wadettiwar. The clarification was issued on Sunday, June 13, 2021, based on the number of cases recorded in the state. Data shared by the officials showed that the patient recovery rate was low and the number of new patients was high once again, and if this continues, the trend could worsen in a week. Officials will keep a close check on the cases for the next eight days and understand the changes in this situation. 

Currently, the number of patients in some districts has been increasing slowly and hence the movement has been allowed with certain permissions. However, the minister confirmed that if the patient count continues to rise, a number of new restrictions will have to be imposed once again after reviewing the overall situation and that the next step will be analysed in a week's time.

As of now, the districts and major metros of the state are categorized differently based on several factors. Many districts with a coronavirus positivity rate of up to 5 per cent have been given several restrictions and activities have resumed in these regions. However, within days of permitting the same, the count has seen a rise and the concerns have once again raised for the government. 
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