Seventh Pay Commission recommendation for government employees to be implemented January 1 onwards

The decision to implement the Seventh Pay Commission recommendation from the government is expected to benefit the state's 17 lakh employees and more than 6.5 lakh retired officials


On the last day of Maharashtra Assembly Winter Session, the government employees received some optimistic news from the state government. The government has decided to implement the Seventh Pay Commission, January 1, 2019, onwards. State Finance Minister Deepak Kesarkar made the announcement, delighting the government officials.

The state government employees have been demanding the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission recommendation from January 1, 2016, for the last several months. Eventually, the employees resorted to protesting which led to the formation of a Committee under the supervision of K.P. Bakshi.

The committee was bestowed with the responsibility to understand the functioning of the Commission Report and accordingly, give suggestions for its implementation.

The report by the Bakshi Committee will be presented on December 5 in front of the government. The information was provided by Kesarkar while answering the opposition's questions about the implementation of the Seventh Pay Commission.

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