Did Actor Deepali Sayyad dupe MHADA?

Sayyad allegedly violated the MHADA act by applying for MHADA lottery scheme for the second time

Did Actor Deepali Sayyad dupe MHADA?

Marathi’s well-known actress & choreographer Deepali Sayyad is one of the lucky ones who bagged a house in this year’s Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) lottery 2017. However, if allegations are to be believed, this is not the first time she has won a house under the MHADA lottery scheme.

Back in 2010, she bagged a house in Versova through MHADA’s lottery system.

Many believe that Sayyad duped MHADA by violating the rules and regulations.

What is MHADA’s act?

According to the MHADA act, an interested person can apply for MHADA lottery through a particular category only once and it is the same for the artists' category as well. To simply put, when one wins a house through the MHADA lottery scheme, he or she cannot apply for the second time from the same category.

Deepali had won a house in Versova

In 2009, Sayyad filled-up the form for MHADA lottery 2009 under the scheme code number ‘236 Versova’ under the artists' category. When the lottery results were out, she ranked first on the waiting list followed by actress Nivedita Ashok Saraf who was in the second position. As soon as MHADA announced the rejection list, Sayyad became the beneficiary and Mumbai Live has confirmed that on March 8, 2010, Deepali bought the house.

MHADA has no records

Initially, the building where Sayyad bagged a house was known as the New MHADA colony which is now known as ‘Shubhankaroti Society’. She had applied to NKGSB bank for a house loan. However, MHADA is clueless about her records.

MHADA can take action

According to the MHADA officials, if Sayyad fails to submit her documents then the house will automatically be allocated to the person on the waiting list. Also, if someone complaints against her and she fails to prove her innocence, then MHADA can take action against her.

Deepali denied the allegations

When Mumbai Live contacted Deepali Sayyad regarding the same, she denied the allegations adding that it was her brother who had applied for MHADA lottery in 2009 and this is the first time she had applied.

Meanwhile, to get a clear picture, Mumbai Live tried contacting MHADA’s CEO of Mumbai Board, Subhash Lakhe, but could not contact him.

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