MMRDA mars it, BMC pays for it

    MMRDA mars it, BMC pays for it
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    The state of the Eastern Freeway Wadala Road made by MMRDA using monorails seems really pathetic as the cement concrete panels because of the monorails have developed cracks. And to revamp these cracks a fortune of Rs. 18.60 crore has to be spent. And now it’s all on BMC’s shoulders because to repair these panels is now the responsibility of BMC.

    The Anik-Wadala Road situated in F/North ward was revamped with concrete in the year 2000. This land was quite murky but BMC with the help of its efficient officers and the integration of most updated technology formed concrete roads here. This road is 5.50 km long and 36.58 km wide, yet because of the monorails made by MMRDA the concrete panels of the pillars have completely broken. Hence, BMC has decided to repair these panels immediately which is why just one way is opened for this road.

    Further, certain contractors have been roped in so as to complete this project. The MNPA has allocated a budget of Rs. 18 crores which has to be borne by BMC.

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