Police will now know the exact location of people in trouble

    Police will now know the exact location of people in trouble
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    Whenever somebody is in trouble and wants to reach out to the police, they do their best to get to the spot in time and rescue the person in danger. But it's not always easy for the police to track the person's location and it could be too late before the police arrive at the emergency spot. 

    To tackle this problem, Mumbai Police have installed a software which is placed in the Mumbai Police HQ. This software will help to trace the person's location. One of the senior officers said that on paper the response time of police is 10 minutes but it takes more time. But this software will help police to reach on time.

    This is how the software works

    As this software is installed at police HQ, all telecom operators in the control room are connected to this software. Whenever the control room will receive a call on '100', they will inform the concerned police station and will provide details of the caller. This service will be free of cost to the user.

    On a daily basis, the Mumbai police get 50,000 calls on the helpline number. Many of them are hoax calls and some, prank calls. Police believe that with the help of this software, they will be able to nab the miscreants.

    Police to be trained 

    To make this successful, new police control room vans will be brought in and Beat Marshalls will be hired. Also, the police officers will be trained for the same. 

    Caller details will be kept anonymous and all precautions will be looked after.

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