Rains disrupt lives of residents in Worli’s BDD chawls

Buildings in BDD chawls haven’t been repaired properly and it has led to flooding in the houses as it rains in the city

Rains disrupt lives of residents in Worli’s BDD chawls

Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority (MHADA) has taken the responsibility to redevelop 100 years old BDD chawl under the redevelopment plan. According to the redevelopment plan, a skyscraper tower is going to be constructed and residents will get 500 square feet flat in this tower. However, for now, the Mumbai rains have created a deadlock for this dream to come true. 

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It has been raining in Mumbai since Saturday morning with many areas and railway tracks in the city getting waterlogged. Moreover, the situation is worst in Worli’s BDD chawl number 38, 39, and 40 as these chawls haven’t been repaired and it has led to flooding.
The water is being collected in the houses through terrace. The residents say that repairing work for the terrace was done four months ago but the situations remain the same. 


Resident Suraj Bhingore said, “Despite the demands for repair of the building multiple times, there has been no action taken.” When we spoke to MLA Sunil Shide regarding this matter, he told us that as soon as the rains stop, we will repair the buildings, added Bhingore.

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