• No cranes to tow illegally parked vehicles
  • No cranes to tow illegally parked vehicles

Sewree - BPT’s Messal road is always crowded with oil containers which are parked there at all times of day and night.

The constant flow of heavy traffic and the parking is causing inconvenience to the residents. Many vehicles which are illegally parked are adding to the residents' and traffic woes. “Traffic police are ignoring illegal parking and so it has increased,” complains Rafik Patel, a resident. When Mumbai Live spoke to Wadala’s senior PI Nirikshak Dattaray Sawant, he said that there is a dearth of hip cranes which are used to tow the vehicles.
“We will take action against these vehicles with the help of clamp locks. We will also ensure there are more parking zones to solve the illegal parking issues,” he said.

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