Are you ready for the waterlogging season?

    Are you ready for the waterlogging season?
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    Monsoons have arrived in Mumbai. Well, kind of! But with Mumbai rains comes waterlogging, traffic and chaos. In the last couple of days, it has been raining a bit and guess what! Waterlogging was reported in some areas. Like every year, water logging was reported in Hindmata (Parel). To tackle this problem, BMC had invested Rs 100 Cr in the Britannia Pumping Station.

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    Now, logically thinking, if you spend Rs 100 Cr on something, you expect the work to get done. But, BMC installed 55 additional pumps. So what was the point of spending so much money in the first place? This question was raised by BJP. Not just the pumping stations, they have widened the ‘nallahs’ as well.

    Here’s a list of pumping stations and how much BMC has spent on them

    Haji Ali Pumping Station Rs 100 Cr
    Irla Pumping Station: Rs 90 Cr
    Love Grove Pumping Station: Rs 102 Cr
    Cleveland Harbor Pumping Station: Rs 116 Cr
    Britannia pumping station: Rs 120 Cr

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    And we wonder why does the city come to a standstill after one heavy shower. Last year, although the pumping station was functional, on three occasions in the month of July, there was major water logging in Hindmata and other South Mumbai areas. The same situation could arise this year as well. It has been reported that the pumps were being used manually in spite of them being automatic pumps.

    Standing committee chairman, Ramesh Koregaonkar, has compared the Hindmata area to a saucer which is why water accumulates there. Now that Britannia Pumping Station is functional in that area, the water logging problem won’t surface again, according to Koregaonkar. This year, the pumping station is going to work at its maximum potential (or that's what we hope for)

    Here's a list of other areas which are prone to waterlogging each year

    South Mumbai

    Hindmata at Dadar

    Dadar East

    Khetwadi at Grant Road


    Nana Chowk

    Sewri Sessions Court (Central)

    Central Suburbs

    Kurla Station 




    Western Suburbs




    Andheri (The entire stretch)

    Basically, this list includes most of Mumbai. Enjoy the rains, Mumbaikars!

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