Byculla Jail Food Poisoning case: FDA collect samples of drugs given to the inmates

FDA officials believe that Doxylamine would have affected jail inmates' health


On Friday morning, around 87 women inmates of Byculla jail were admitted to JJ Hospital after they started vomiting and complained of stomach pain. Doctors at JJ Hospital believe that water and food served in jail was responsible for the ill health. However, Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) found out that on Thursday night, a day prior to the food poisoning incident, inmates were given preventive medicine against leptospirosis. Suspecting that preventive medicines might have affected inmates’ health, FDA collected samples of Doxylamine and have sent it to a lab for investigation.

FDA officials found out that the medicines which were taken into custody belong to batch number 2723 and were manufactured by Orissa Drugs and Chemicals Limited.

As per the FDA officials, five male inmates in Byculla jail had contracted cholera on July 15, 2018. Following which, 399 male and 312 female inmates were given 100 mg of Doxylamine. On the same night, 25 of the female inmates vomited after the drug was consumed.

On Friday morning, post-breakfast, many female inmates reported vomiting and diarrhoea, after which, they were admitted to JJ Hospital. While many women are still admitted to the hospital, some were discharged.

Other than medicines, we have taken the samples of flattened rice, rice, wheat, oil and whole lentils and have sent the same to the lab,” Shailesh Aadhav, FDA, Co-Commissioner (Food).

Meanwhile, the State Women Commission has taken the cognizance of the matter and will be visiting the jail and inmates admitted to JJ Hospital.

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