ACB plays 'Pass the parcel'


Mumbai - On 29th September 2009 a landmark order was passed by the Bombay High Court where the court asked the ACB to investigate each and every complaint it receives instead of passing the buck onto other departments.
The following information is received under RTI that shows how ACB has made a mockery of the HC orders. Since 1st Jan 2014 till 13th July 2016 total 4,603 complaints have been forwarded to respective departments without any enquiry by the ACB.
In addition, the ACB has been able to convict only 4 accused in disproportionate cases in last 10 years. Only 39 disproportionate cases have been registered in last 10 years.
The overall performance of ACB in controlling corruption can also be seen in the conviction figures given by ACB Mumbai. Since 1st Jan 2014 till 13th July 2016 accused in only 17 cases got convicted whereas in 105 cases accused got acquitted. ACB is only concentrating on cases which are political, a common man's complaint never gets attended, an enquiry is ordered and closed, only 1% FIR is registered. The Home department needs to take action and make sure common man's complaints are also registered.

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