A 'cute' challenge can go wrong if not cautious: Pune Police on 'Couples Challenge'

Pune Police has received several complaints regarding images being used on obscene websites and for other cyber crime. Officials spread awareness by taking to Twitter and asking people to stay cautious during uploading photos.

A 'cute' challenge can go wrong if not cautious: Pune Police on 'Couples Challenge'

A lot of couples in India have been following the social media trend and sharing their images on Facebook. With the platform buzzing with 'Couples Challenge' users across the world are posting pictures with their partners and better halves.

However, observing the increasing interest, Pune police has warned people about the challenge and stated that the couples should think twice and be wise before posting photos on social media. Officials have raised concerns about the photos being misused and said that their pictures could be morphed and used for pornography and other cybercrimes.

Alerting the users, Pune Police took to Twitter and said, 'Think twice before you post a picture with your partner. A 'cute' challenge can go wrong if not cautious!"

Reports state that officials from the police department have received complaints regarding users who have been harassed after their personal information and images were taken from the profiles, and misused for other reasons. Many people have filed complaints regarding the photos being morphed and uploaded on “obscene websites” due to personal rivalry and other benefits.

Addressing the same, Jayram Paigude asked the media to spread awareness by asking users to stay cautious regarding these matters on the internet.

Data suggest that more than 2 million people have accepted the Couple Challenge so far, and shared images on the platforms. However, these figures aren't verified by the social media platform yet.

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