Fatal ‘Fatka Gang’: Man dies after jumping on Kalwa platform to retrieve stolen phone

The victim has been identified as Chetan Ahirrao, a Nashik resident who was returning after visiting his friend at Diva.

Fatal ‘Fatka Gang’: Man dies after jumping on Kalwa platform to retrieve stolen phone

Mumbai local trains are a medium of transportation for millions of commuters every day and so is also known as the lifeline of the city. However, on some occasions, people have to face unfateful incidents of theft and pickpocketing. In a similar kind of incident, 35-year-old Chetan Ahirrao lost his life after falling to death at Kalwa station. 

On August 19, Sunday, Ahirrao was returning from his friend’s residence at Diva after attending his birthday party. Ahirrao was standing on the footboard when the train started moving and suddenly a thief hit him on his hand due to which his mobile phone slipped. However, in order to retrieve his mobile phone back, he jumped on the platform, out of the running train but instead of landing on his feet, he slipped as the platform ended which led to his demise. 

The thief has been identified as Ajay Solanki (19) through the CCTV footage of August 19. Meanwhile, it was learnt that Ahirrao was a resident of Nashik and had come to his friend’s home. However, the thief has been arrested from the Kalwa slums as per senior police inspector Rajendra Shirtode.

This type of theft is said to be the work of ‘Fatka Gang’, which masters in the robbery by slapping the hands of people standing on the footboard. The thieves hit the people with their hands, metal rods or any sharp objects. As the local trains are usually crowded, many people stand on the footboard and using this as an opportunity, the Fatka Gang robs people.  

Prior to this, there was a video that revealed about a gang member who is standing on Kurla station at Platform 1.

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