ATS Investigation reveals Vaibhav Raut and Co. learnt to make guns in U.P.

During the ATS investigation, Vaibhav Raut said that the three of them had learnt to make guns in U.P. Raut’s name had also appeared in the diary of the person arrested by the Karnataka SIT in regard to famous journo Gauri Lankesh's murder case.

  • ATS Investigation reveals Vaibhav Raut and Co. learnt to make guns in U.P.

On Thursday, the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) arrested Vaibhav Raut for possession of explosives and after investigating him, they further arrested two more people — Sharad Bhausaheb Kalaskar and Sudhanwa Sudhir Gondhalekar. 20 bombs and 50 parts of the bomb along with the outline and manual for preparing a bomb were found.

During the investigation, the accused revealed that since they were afraid to trade weapons, they learnt to make guns from North India and started making them after returning. The police had found guns as well as material to make guns. 

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On Sunday, the ATS retrieved five guns, three pistols, 11 cartridges (9mm), 30 cartridges (7.65 mm) along with pistol-making material from Raut’s residence. Whereas, the ATS recovered a laptop, five hard disk drives, five pen-drives, nine mobile phones, several sim cards, a WiFi dongle, a car, a two-wheeler along with a Maharashtra map with disturbing details.

ATS had suspected about the three accused and believed that they were using social work as a veil to hide their crimes and hence on Thursday, arrested them all. A team of 10 people has been formed for the matter. 

Earlier, a diary was recovered from the person arrested by Karnataka SIT regarding reporter Gauri Lankesh’s murder. Surprisingly, Raut’s name was found in the diary. On Monday, a team from the Karnataka SIT will arrive at Mumbai to interrogate Raut along with the two others.

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