Employment opportunity turns lethal

Employment opportunity turns lethal

In Mumbai, a man lost more than just his job. Turns out, he was killed a few days after losing his job. As of now, two suspects have been arrested and are being questioned about the crime. 

According to the police, the deceased has been identified as Raja Shaikh, who worked as a driver in the BMC clean-up marshal and was sacked a week prior to the incident. 

Further, a man named Zakir Tadvi was employed in his position and this did not go well with Raja. On the night of May 12,Friday, he met Zakir and his friend Raju Kambale, who happened to stay in his area. Initially, there was a heated exchage of words which led to a scuffle and the two of them started beating up Raja. A brutally injured Raja reached the police station in Mankhurd but succumbed to his injuries and dropped dead outside the station. There is CCTV footage of the entire brawl.

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