SIT to probe Manjula Shetye's death

SIT to probe Manjula Shetye's death

The custodial death of Manjula Shetye is casting a long shadow indeed. The state magistrate has now declared that there were no old or new injuries to her private parts, according to Vijaya Rahatkar, President, State Women’s Commission.

SIT will be formed to probe the death
Rahatkar said that a Special Investigation Team (SIT) will be formed to probe Manjula Shetye’s death. This committee will comprise former judges, women police officers and another person who will conduct the investigation under the directives of the police commissioner. The report will be then submitted to CM Devendra Fadnavis.

No injuries on private parts?
Rahatkar has demanded that the SIT report should be filed at the earliest. The post-mortem report submitted by the jail authorities states that there was no injury to Shetye's private parts, as alleged. This begs the question - was Shetye sexually molested before her death?
On Thursday, the State Women’s Commission President and other three officials visited Byculla jail to know the truth behind the death. During their visit, they spoke to a few women jail inmates and they asked Jail inspector general Swati Sathe to submit the report.

The State Women’s Commission interrogated Sathe for 40 minutes, it is learnt.

Manjula was sexually molested – Indrani Mukerjea
Sheena Bora murder case prime accused Indrani Mukerjea alleged that Manjula Shetye was brutally sexually molested. However, her post-mortem report stated otherwise. This report was submitted by jail authorities on Thursday. Mukerjea alleged that Manjula was sexually assaulted in a manner reminiscent of 2013 Delhi rape victim Nirbhaya. Mukerjea had also added that after Manjula's death, the women jail inmates were mercilessly beaten.

What is Manjula Shetye's case?
Manjula Shetye was a murder convict who died on 24 June 2017 in Byculla jail. Investigations revealed that she died because of beatings she got from jail authorities. It is being alleged that before her death she was stripped naked and she was sexually assaulted. It is also being said that she was beaten for a petty reason. After her death, jail superintendent Manisha Pokharkar and other five jail guards have been suspended.

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