Crime Branch beats local police in 2 year old murder case

Crime Branch beats local police in 2 year old murder case

The adage that no crime goes unresolved has just been proven true by the Mumbai Crime Branch.

Hear more about a two-year-old case that was closed by the Shivaji Park police thinking they had cracked it, but revived by the Crime Branch which smelt a rat and pursued the matter till the end. The result? A murderer given up for dead has now been nabbed. Read on for the details.

The incident dates back to 24 September 2015 when the Shivaji Park police found a dead body under the Dadar flyover. It was identified as that of Bakiram Rakte who was brutally murdered by an anonymous person. When police investigated the CCTV footage, they identified the murderer as 30 year old  Shivaji Ghodke, a history-sheeter. Though the Shivaji Park police had all the evidence with them, they could not arrest the killer as he was on the run.

Meanwhile, the police found a dead body of a young man who had died in a rail accident. Police who were investigating the Baliram Rakte murder case thought the dead man was Ghodke. They called in his parents to identify the body and confirmed their suspicion. His parents identified the body as that of their son and the police handed over the body to the parents and closed the case. End of story for the Shivaji Park police.

However, the Mumbai Crime Branch smelled something fishy. They took the DNA of the dead body and that of Ghodke's parents for investigation. The results were shocking. The deceased was not Ghodke.  The Mumbai Crime Branch not only posted the photos of Ghodke across the city but declared that they would give INR 1000 to those who could help identify the accused.

Likewise, the Mumbai Crime Branch received a call saying Ghodke was a wage earner,  polishing boots in Shrirampur, Ahmednagar. The CB followed the lead and arrested Ghodke from a railway car shed. It was not easy for the Crime Branch officers as Ghodke had changed his appearance. 

At the end of the day however, the CB tasted success. Are the Shivaji Park police eating humble pie? We are waiting to know.

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