Absconding murderer arrested in Uttar Pradesh

Absconding murderer arrested in Uttar Pradesh

The police have finally arrested the one accused in a murder case, from Uttar Pradesh who had apparently gone absconding. The accused has been sent to the police custody till May 12. Moreover, the case is now being investigated by the senior police inspector Mahesh Patil.

It was on March 3, 2017, at around 3.30 pm, that someone had dumped off a dead body of someone after slitting that person’s throat. The police had then sent the dead body for the post-mortem and had registered a case against the unknown accused under sections 302,201 of this case. Further, the name of the deceased is  Ghanshyam Biran Singh (39).

Singh belongs to the city of Aurangabad from the state of Bihar. As per the police, a person by the name of Rajesh Gupta was putting up at Ghanshyam's place as a guest. During this, somehow, an affair seemed to be cropping up between the deceased's wife. Rajesh, on the other hand, kept asking Bubbly, the deceased’s wife to leave her husband’s home and flee with him but Bubbly refused to leave Ghanshyam, her husband for him. Hence, taking Ghanshyam to be a hurdle in his love life, Rajesh, ended up murdering him.

Meanwhile, a team of Sub Inspector Vinayak Mane, Police Hav Sanjay Navale, Shivaji Patil and Police Naik Govind Kendras was formed under the guidance of Superintendent of Police, Palghar, Additional Superintendent of Police, Vasai sub-divisional officer and senior police inspector Mahesh Patil. The team was sent to Siddharth Nagar of UP so as to arrest Rajesh.

Within a week, about 20 villages were investigated by the police to arrest Rajesh.  After this, the police arrested Rajesh Gupta, the accused in the murder. During the inquiry, it was learned that Rajesh Prahlad Gupta is a resident of the Krishna Chawl. Rajesh told that on the day of the murder, he and Ghanshyam got together for drinking during the evening and somehow got into the fight after that and Rajesh, therefore Rajesh ended up killing the latter.

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