A very tragic case of a criminal raping a minor by giving her false promises of marriage has come to the fore. The accused had already been to jail for a number of times and was released on bail for a case filed against him under the section 307. The name of the 25-year-old criminal is Akshay Ashok Dhumal.

According to the information, Akshay had tried to entrap a 17-year-old minor by saying that he belongs to quite a well-off family and will marry her for sure since he loves her. The girl, believed Akshay's words which obviously worked to his advantage, hence making it easier for him to get into a physical relationship with her for 2 years. Yet, the tale got twisted when the girl complained of a severe stomach ache to her mother. The victim’s mother took the girl to the hospital where the doctor declared her to be pregnant. The doctors, later on, reported the incident to the Samta Nagar police after which the police caught hold of Akshay.  

The police have now filed a case under Section 376 (d) 504506 of the Indian Penal Court, and Posco Act 4,8,12, against the accused and have sent him to jail.

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