Malad car towing: New video shows the father handing the mother their child when the car is about to be towed

The car which was parked in a no-parking zone was about to be towed when the lady entered the car and her husband handed her their child and started shooting a video


A video went viral over the weekend where traffic police towed a car in which a woman was breastfeeding her 7-month-old baby. Traffic Police received a lot of slack for their behaviour and lack of compassion but recent reports suggest a turn of events.

A new video has come to light where the police is seen warning the lady and the lady didn’t have her child with her. The child was with her husband and the child’s father and when the car was about to get towed, handed the child to the mother and started recording a video.

Traffic Police department had initially suspended Sashank Rane (the traffic police who was involved in the case) and had further ordered an investigation. 

The car was parked in a no-parking zone on Malad SV Road and when the police reached the spot and were about to tow the car, the couple along with their 7-month-old baby reached got there. They argued with Sashank Rane for about 30 minutes and when the couple was just not complying with the law, Rane decided to tow the car and just then, the lady got into the car and her husband handed the child to his wife and started shooting a video. 

National Commission for Women have demanded an investigation in the matter accusing the woman.