Turns out it is not just the issue of the maintenance of the law and order in the city that gets on the nerves of the city's Mayor. His troubles are too cumbersome that would put the ones encountered by a commoner to shame. Word has it that he is of late stressed because of the leaking air-conditioner fixed in his cabin. The condition is such that the Mayor is experiencing a hot temper since he's unable to cool his senses off because of the faulty condition of the air-conditioner.

The repair works on the other hand, of the old building of the BMC headquarters, is completed. The building includes both the mayor's and the standing committee chairman's office. Moreover, a good sum of around Rs 70 crore has being spent in this repair work project. Along with the old building, the beautification work for the new building is also being conducted. Yet, even after spending Rs 70 crore for the repair works the air conditioner of the Mayor's cabin is not working properly. What else could it possibly be other than sheer negligence at the end of BMC?

Other than this, the standing committee chairman's cabin was quite in a messed-up condition last month and the same is the case with Mayor's cabin as of now. What better way to give the mayor of the city a fair idea of BMC's sloppiness towards so many pressing concerns in the city.

Two brothers have been arrested on the grounds of deceiving around 20 businessmen. Hasan Ali Bhopani and Hofela Fukruddin Bhopani allegedly entrapped numerous businessmen in different areas of Bandra for investing into their deceitful business plans. Moreover, Hasan Ali’s wife, Zainab is also said to be accused.

Both the brothers, who have been operating as mobile phone retailers in Bandra, asserted to have garnered fruitful contracts from different multinational companies for the supply of different gadgets from Apple. Further, they had given assurance of the percentage of returns which was as high as 40. They supplied forged documents in their dealings so as to convince and lure the businessmen. As per the Khar police, the investment made by the businessmen so far was around 1.3 crore.

On the other hand, Rohit Soni, one of the businessmen who had fallen a prey to the deceiving duo’s trap, said that he had invested a handsome amount of Rs. 40 lakh since the year 2011.   “They would get the promised amount delivered, but this stopped happening quite soon. As a matter of fact, they would make excuses and then shift to another locality in Bandra.”

It was only late in the last month that a group of businessmen along with Soni filed a FIR. A case was filed against them. The accused, albeit tried his best to get an anticipatory bail, fled soon but the duo was finally caught hold of by the Khar police on Wednesday evening.

Ramchandra Jadhav, Senior Police Inspector, said that they were presented in Bandra court and have been sent to police custody for a period of 6 days.

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