Two tuition teachers arrested for leaking Standard 10 final board examination paper

The question paper of the final Standard 10 examination, Information Communication Technology, was leaked today by two tuition teachers from Mumbai. Police have arrested both the accused, registered the case and is performing investigations regarding the matter.


Selected standard 10 students across Maharashtra have been appearing for their board exams, since the beginning of the month, the results of which will shape their future. But over the last few days, some suspects have been arrested for leaking Standard 10 board examination papers.

The final examination of Information Communication Technology was to be held today, but credible sources close to Mumbai Live have informed that two tuition teachers have been arrested for leaking the paper. It is said that one student, aged 15 years from Saint Jude High school, Kaju Pada, Sakinaka, received the question paper on her WhatsApp for the scheduled examination on her phone at around 10:40 hrs. She then sent it to some of her friends who eventually gathered around her to see and discuss the same. One of the teachers of school suspected and upon checking the students’ mobile noticed the question paper.

She swiftly reported that matter to Board officials and the information was then brought to police, who have arrested both the teachers. Students’ enquiry revealed that the paper was leaked sent to her by a private tuition teacher named Firoz Yusuf Ansari, aged 42 yrs, who runs Tutorial Classes at Khairani Road Sakinaka. He has received the same from Muzzamil Iqbal Kazi, aged 27 yrs, who also runs tuitions in Mira Road. Four concerned students who received the paper were given notice.

The police and officials have registered the offence under Section 5,6,7,8 of Maharashtra Prevention of Malpractices at University, Board & other Specified Examination Act 1982 and Section 66 (d) of Information Technology Act.

Further investigations are being performed by the police.

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