Abhishek Banerjee shares why he said yes to Helmet

Abhishek Banerjee shares why he said yes to Helmet

Helmet is an upcoming movie starring Aparshakti Khurana, Pranutan Bahl, Abhishek Banerjee, and Ashish Verma. The movie has been in the news for while now. It highlights one of the most pertaining issues in our society - the resistance of people to buy condoms. The makers claim that they have maintained the flow of the movie and kept it entertaining and not preachy. 

We recently caught up with Abhishek Banerjee to understand the nuances of the project. Talking to Mumbai Live, he said, “The idea and the great storyline inclined me to take up the project. The idea of 3 young boys and a girl from a small town trying to sell condoms and make money out of it is a beautiful plot. Also, Helmet symbolises the way we hide from this (condom) topic, and how we have to literally hide our faces to buy condoms. So, it is time that we change that kind of mentality as we are living in the modern world and our life too should evolve with time. Another reason to do the film was the incredible ensemble cast and our equation and chemistry which reflects so well on-screen as well".

Recently, to promote the film, the cast of the film was seen distributing helmets to the Bollywood pap community. This was the casts’ way of thanking the photographers for their relentless effort in covering the Bollywood stars and being on the run constantly. 

Helmet is a hilarious exploration of small-town naivety and offers insight into a milieu where even accessing a birth-control device is wrought with multiple social challenges and psychological hang-ups. The makers released the trailer last week and it has received a warm response. The movie is set to premiere on 3rd September 2021.

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