My role in Asur restored my belief as an actor: Barun Sobti

My role in Asur restored my belief as an actor: Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti became the heartthrob of the nation when he was a part of the show called Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Post this he came back for the third instalment of the show but that failed to create the same magic. He has even done some interesting movies such as Tu Hai Mera Sunday. Now he is coming back after a hiatus in the webspace with a show called Asur, which is now streaming on Voot Select and has a punch line “The Dark Side”.

Mumbai Live caught up with the actor for an exclusive conversation to know a little more about this show and why he choose to be a part of this. Talking about the show Asur, Barun Sobti says, “It is a thriller. There is a suspense and thrill and intriguing and intelligent aspects that we have not been party to in recent times. It is going to be one of the best shows that you have seen in your life. It is that terrific show”.

As we already shared the show has an interesting catchline to it so we could not help but ask him if there is a dark side to Barun Sobti. To which we get the answer that we mostly get from Asur actor that he is little laid back and easy.

Coming back to the show, we quizzed him regarding what got him excited to take up this project. Barun shared that there are several scripts that give you a jolt as an actor but this was not one of those. Asur, on the other hand, was the one that ticked all the boxes for him. He even went on to say that all through the show people were not even smiling and since some of the scenes were really intense that he had to give his all and invest a lot in them. But in the end, it has all been worth it.

He even shared how he had shot for the show in various parts of Dadar and how everyone in the cast was extremely professional. “Most of the scenes that we have are very intense. Everyone that is involved in the show is so damn good at their job, making everyone to up their game,” added Barun.

While talking about his role in the show Barun reveals that he plays a forensic expert in the show that is obsessed with his job. “Studying forensic patterns and solving cases is the only passion that my character Nikhil Nayyar has. And he is very unhappy when he is doing anything else”.

Given that it is an intense role that Barun was playing we asked him what was the biggest takeaway that he had from the web show Asur, to which he replied, “it restored my belief as an actor.”

While talking about which thriller series that is close to his heart, Barun mentioned that he has actually binge-watched almost everything that is there. "I like thrillers a lot. I like intelligent writing a lot. I am not fond of gore but I like the thrill [genre]. I think I have attracted this kind of stuff [Asur web series] to me.. I have manifested this". 

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Barun is also an actor who has worked across mediums be it TV, movies and web shows. He has been immensely popular with his TV show and the web outing earlier on. So which is the medium that is closest to his heart? He said, “I am a very boring person so I plan things very well. Going into something I will plan that correctly so when I know what to expect from what. Enjoyment comes from the project that you are doing and not the medium. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was a lot of fun because we were all friends there and we are all chilling out, hanging out but at the end of the day it was also a lot of work. Asur is rare, it is next-level stuff that anyone would want to do. That is the satisfaction that I had the whole time we were shooting. The point is to do a day’s job well. I have been very lucky in that aspect”.

We are happy to see Barun in this avatar and given the appreciation that he is getting for Asur, we are hoping that Voot Select will be coming out with a second season soon.

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