Billabong school denies RTE admission to 30 students

Billabong school received ₹4.13 lakh as funds but they denied the same

  • Billabong school denies RTE admission to 30 students

Under the Right to Education Act (RTE) free education is provided to the weaker sections of the society, but still, there are many schools in Mumbai which are not allowing students to take admissions through RTE. Billabong School of Malad is one such school which has not admitted 30 students under RTE.

This enraged Education Rescue Committee who organised an agitation against the disparity on April 19, 2018, wherein students also participated.  


₹4.13 lakh was given to Billabong School

In private schools, 25 per cent quota is reserved under RTE. The state government gives fees for these students but since the year 2014-15, private schools did not receive the same and the total amount goes up to 800 Cr. 

However, on April 16, 2018, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation gave 50.41 lakh to the schools which fall under West Zone, of which, 4.13 lakh was given to Billabong School. 

When Mumbai Live contacted Billabong school authorities, they said that they did not receive any funds. They added that they will resume admissions only if they get funds.

Meanwhile, RTE committee member Sudhir Paranjape said that if the school does not give admission to the children, then they will go to the court. 

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