Mumbai University hands out BMM Semester V hall tickets AFTER the exams commenced

The students were supposed to receive the hall tickets for Semester V for the Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) course by Mumbai University on November 10. However, the students received their hall tickets two days after their examinations commenced

Mumbai University hands out BMM Semester V hall tickets AFTER the exams commenced

Mumbai University is regarded as one of the top educational institutes in the country and yet, the university never ceases to make a mess during its examinations. Once again, the students have faced difficulties due to the chaos created by the University’s mistake as they delayed the distribution of hall tickets for Semester V Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) students.  

The BMM Sem V exams were scheduled for November 13 onwards and since the Diwali vacations were still going on, they were asked by the colleges to collect their respective hall tickets on November 10. However, the students were told that the hall tickets had not yet arrived from Mumbai University and so, were asked to come again on November 12, a day prior to the exams. But once again, the students were devoid of the hall tickets when they reached the examination centres on November 13.

So, the colleges prepared a rough list consisting of students’ names and seat numbers, which was sent accordingly to the respective centre heads. The students were also allowed to sit for examinations through verification by Aadhar Card and ID card. Eventually, the students received the hall tickets by the second examination.

However, the problem that arose now was that even though the students had appeared for the exams and solved the papers, there were no signatures of the respective supervisors. Thus, the students were left with no proof whether they had appeared for the examinations which have now put the students in a dilemma as they will have to appear for the revaluation examinations. 

The data for the hall tickets for students is supposed to be filled by colleges and should be submitted to the University. However, when the colleges fail to do the same, the process gets delayed resulting in unnecessary chaos. But since we prepare the hall ticket as per the data and provide the attendance sheet to the supervisor, the students will not have to suffer and we will differentiate the papers to assure any further chaos,” said Vinod Malale, Public Relations Officer, Mumbai University.

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