Women could soon be seen conducting school buses

    Women could soon be seen conducting school buses
    Mumbai  -  

    After the murder of a student in Haryana's ‘Ryan International School', the question of security in private school has now been brought up. Because of this, the school bus drivers have taken a strong step towards this.

    The school bus organisation says that women bus cleaners will be appointed, which will take security very seriously.

    At present, eight thousand school buses run and 15 thousand female bus cleaners will be appointed soon.

    Anil Garg, president of School Bus Driver Association says that many women are coming forward to run school buses. In Maharashtra, more than 40 thousand school buses are currently active and around eight thousand. In which 15000 men are working.

    Earlier, Anil Garg had asked the government to allow women to run buses but no specific action has been taken by the government.

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