MU embarrassing themselves as they miss the fifth deadline


Mumbai University are just embarrassing themselves now. They assured the High Court that they would declare the pending results by September 6 but yet again, they've failed at their promise. 

Now, they claim that they would declare the results on Wednesday, September 19. This is the sixth time University has postponed the results. The latter has assured the High Court that they would announce all 477 results by September 19. Considering how promising and professional they are, the HC has asked MU to give a written statement.

MU missed five deadlines and yet they have to announce 14 results. According to the Varsity’s law, they should declare results in 45 days. And it has been three months and students are longing to receive their results. Such is the fiasco created by MU, that the latter has marked students absent when they've attended the exams.