Schools to put up complaint boxes to address the problems of students


Given the surging levels of violence and injustice done to the students, the government has issued orders to deploy complaint boxes in primary, secondary and upper secondary schools of the state. Many a time the students for some or the other reason,  do not report for any kind of injustice done to them, which is why the department of schools in the government has ordered the schools by circulating a circular saying that it is now compulsory to put up complaint boxes in the school premises.

Further, the government has directed that the complaint box has to be put up in such an area of the schools where it is easily accessible to the students. Moreover, the complaint box should be opened on any one working weekday in the presence of the school principal, a cop and a representative of the PA committee. Added this, it has been decided by the administration that the name of the complainant will be kept strictly confidential and the complaint will be addressed immediately.

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