Students Approach Mumbai University Over Clash in Dates of Law CET and IDOL exams

Students Approach Mumbai University Over Clash in Dates of Law CET and IDOL exams

The Maharashtra Navnirman Vidyarthi Sena has approached Mumbai University (MU) authorities regarding a possible clash in dates for multiple final year examinations. Those opting to take Mumbai University’s Institute of Open and Distance Learning (IDOL) exams will likely have to skip their Law CET as a consequence of the clash in dates.

Previously, IDOL examinations were postponed to October 19 following technical glitches faced by thousands of students taking the exam. Some students said at the time that they couldn’t even log into the portal chosen by the university to take the exam virtually. 

Director of IDOL, Prakash Mahanwar has assured the students that a new timetable will be announced which will allow them to take law CET as well as the final year examinations. 

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It’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic has upended the entire education system. To make matters worse, authorities also have to contend with issues that are sometimes beyond their control. In the case of IDOL exams, a cyber attack was suspected, though no conclusive evidence is available on this front. Mumbai University is yet to provide an alternative to the faulty software.

Meanwhile, the state government has postponed the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) exams. These examinations were previously scheduled to take place in November. 

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