School expels 28 students due to non-payment of fees

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    School expels 28 students due to non-payment of fees
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    In spite of making the ends meet, parents run from pillars to post to ensure that their kids have the best education. But what if the school decides to go completely indifferent towards any kind of delay in the remittance of school fee and expels the students all at once? The fate of 28 students seemed to have taken a twisted turn when they got rusticated from a school since their parents did not remit the school fee. The case is of Universal High School of Borivali, where 28 students were expelled together by sending a notice to their guardians.

    On the other hand, when Mumbai Live taking the matter into its own hands and spoke to the Education Minister Vinod Tawde, the latter advised the school administrator asked to go easy on the students for this issue.

    As per the school authorities, they had sent repeated reminders to the parents despite which the latter did not seem to be able to pay it well in time. Moreover, the parents did not bother to reply to the notice sent to them, which is why their wards were expelled. At the same time, the school has other reasons as well to get the students rusticated.

    Suman Shetty, a guardian stated that she is quite sad to get a notice of rustication of her two kids from the school all at once. She claims that she had sent a cheque to the school in the month of April, nonetheless, the school returned her cheque and expelled her two kids.

    Moreover, Jayant Jain, the director of Forum for Education states that the government should take an action on the Universal School; else other schools in the city as well may tend to adopt the same approach like this institution did.

    As per Vinod Tawde, the parents of the expelled students have been given an extension until 31 May and the school should not go this stringent as far as depositing the fees of the kids is concerned. Yet, the more imperative point to look at is, leaving aside the remission of the fee, the future of the expelled students seem to be somewhat stuck now that they have been rusticated.

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