The Lockdown Diary: Sushant Divgikar

The Lockdown Diary: Sushant Divgikar

In a conversation with Mumbai Live, popular celebrity Sushant Divgikar talks about his experience in the COVID-19 lockdown period. Here's what he shared.

Describe your 'lockdown' period in just 'one' word...

  • Familiar 

What do you enjoy the most about this period - something you will cherish the most!

  • Spending so much time with my mum and dad and literally having our three main meals together on the dining table and enjoying our evening music where I have to become the bakra and sing.

What new hobbies have you started in this period?

  • I ‘tried’ to learn how to cook but I discontinued because I nearly burned the house down and I want this Bandra house to be in the will (laughs).

Three films/web series/content pieces you've loved watching?

  • Money Heist
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • Freud on NETFLIX.  

What do you miss eating or drinking the most?

  • Pani Puri and Momos 

Three friends, you miss spending time with...

  • I miss a lot of my friends, but I miss my bestie Shweta
  • My Rakhi sis Trisha
  • My sister in law Richa the most. 

What's the one skill you did not know you had?

  • That I can sleep for an entire day if not woken up!  That is quite a skill! 

Three places you'll rush to, right after the lockdown is over...

Essentially we have to observe social distancing for longer for our own well-being but maybe in a month or two when we have a proper cure hopefully

  • Te three places will be the pani puri counter at Punjab Sweet house
  • Soho House Mumbai
  • Go to any club and grab a drink with my friends. 

What is the most annoying thing you've observed during this period?

  • That you don’t have any other human interaction and I’m a VERY social person. So, although I love my parents to death, I need to see other people and I have a feeling once this is over and whenever it is safe to go out, I might just aimlessly look at other people, just go and give hugs to everyone and just generally be overtly nice to everyone around me for just existing! 

What has the lockdown helped you change or realise - emotionally or mentally?

  • That I CAN spend time with myself without social interaction and that it is not impossible to be locked down with your parents for a month without them wanting to kill you or vice versa