'Raees' faces threat again

    Pali Hill
    'Raees' faces threat again
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    Mumbai - Shah Rukh Khan's 'Raees' will finally see the light of day on 25 January 2017.

    Just when we thought all was now well with this Shahrukh Khan- Mahira khan starrer, fresh trouble seems to be brewing. One of the distributors of the movie, Akshaye Rathi has been getting threatening messages from an organisation which claims to be attached to the Yuva Sena, Chatttisgarh. Rathi has taken this matter to social media. "The youth of Maharashtra has high hopes from @AUThackeray. Just hope he takes notice of the issue & does the needful. #Raees #Chhattisgarh" says Rathi in one of his tweets. In another, he lashes out at his tormentors, saying, "I am sure it's only some loose cannons from #ShivSena's Chhattisgarh wing that are firing away & need to be disciplined. @AUThackeray #Raees'.
    We are waiting to hear from the Shiv Sena on this.


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