Mumbai winter breaks a five-year temperature record

Since the past three days, the temperature in Mumbai has dropped down by seven degrees causing a colder atmosphere in the city

प्रतिकात्मक फोटो

Since the past few days, Mumbai has experienced relief from the chilly winter but in the evenings, there were strong gusts of wind with the essence of coolness. However, the city experienced a sudden drop in the temperature as on January 23, Wednesday, the temperature at Santacruz came down to 27.2 degree Celsius. 

After which, this can be called the coldest winter during January in the last five years and the third coldest winter in past ten years. The city has been experienced cold winds blowing from west and northwest during the day whereas cold winds blowing from the east at night have dropped the temperature. As a result, the city has experienced cold at early hours of the day and also at night.

Meanwhile, for the first time since 2014, on January 23, Santacruz recorded 27.2 degree Celsius and Colaba recorded 27 degrees Celsius. However, at night, the temperature for Santacruz was recorded at 15 degree Celsius whereas, for Colaba, the coldness dropped down to 17.6 degree Celsius.

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