Felicitation program for achievers on Women's Day

Felicitation program for achievers on Women's Day

Shanmukhananda hall Committee organized a function celebrating womanhood on 5 March. On this occasion, six women were awarded the annual prize for their outstanding performance in various fields. The award was given by President of Shanmukhananda Committee, Dr. V Shankar on Sunday at Shanmukhnanda Hall in King’s Circle

Tajamul Islam from Sri Nagar for winning a gold medal in World Kickboxing Championships in Italy. 27 years old Prema Jayakumar, Virtually disabled Rida Zehra from Meerut, who recites the 18th chapter of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta, Malavath Purna (16) from Telangana becomes the youngest girl to reach Everest peak, Sushma (17) and Ananya Verma were also awarded.

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