Here's The Glimpse Of Versova's Sea Food Festival

Versova's Sea Food Festival was held at Yagna Nagar in Andheri West from January 17-19 wherein people could relish on authentic sea food which was cooked by the Koli community of Mumbai.


Versova's Sea Food festival was held from January 17-19. During this festival,  people could eat some lip-smacking delicacies. From pomfret, crabs, to mackerel, one could find different varieties of seafood at the festival. The festival's distinctive feature was that the stalls were set by the traditional Koli community of Mumbai. They are also referred to as the fishermen community of Mumbai. 

All the dishes were served fresh and majority of the spices used were homemade. The food was cooked in traditional utensils which in turn enhanced its flavours. 

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Talking about the same, one of the visitors said, 

I've been coming here for many years with my parents. What I love about the festival is that the atmosphere is very nice, the food is amazing and its a really great experience.  

Another visitor said, 

It's the sixth year that I'm coming to this festival. I'm always eager for it and wait for the date to be announced. I have almost tried everything.

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