11-month-old baby swallows a safety pin, Wockhardt doc saves a life

11-month-old baby swallows a safety pin, Wockhardt doc saves a life

Small children, that too infants are very susceptible. Parents have to keep a hawk eye on infants as they have a habit of eating or swallowing anything they came across which can later turn fatal. 

One such case was registered at Bhayander where 11-month-old Sangeeta (name changed) swallowed a safety pin while crawling on the floor. After swallowing, she stopped laughing and crying. Initially, parents thought that the baby was not feeling good but later they took her to a doctor. During a checkup, doctors asked parents to take her to Wockhardt Hospital where parents got to know about the safety pin she had swallowed.

Initially, we attempted to remove the pin using Magill forceps, under anesthesia as it was visible by opening the oral cavity. On failing the above modalities, endoscopic removal of the safety pin was planned by the team. Using a rat tooth forceps and by catching the spiral end of the safety pin, the scope was pulled down and the pin was released in the stomach. Then again holding the spiral end with the rat tooth and scope was successfully pulled up and out. The open safety pin was retrieved without any injury to the upper gastrointestinal tract (GIT),” Dr Lalit Verma, Gastroenterologist, Wockhardt Hospital.

After endoscopy, the patient was kept under close monitoring for 24 hours and was then sent home.

In such cases, parents should admit their children to the nearby hospital. Early treatment can save life or else it can turn fatal,” Ravi Hirvani, Head, Mira Road, Wockhardt Hospital.

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