Woman opens her eyes 18 months after delivering twins

Doctors at Jaslok Hospital performed deep brain stimulation surgery and helped a woman to come out of a coma

Woman opens her eyes 18 months after delivering twins

Doctors at Jaslok Hospital were successful in reviving 36-year-old Bhavesha who was in a coma for 18 months. She had slipped into a coma during her delivery and was then revived with the help of a deep brain stimulation surgery.

Though Bhavesha cannot move, she opened her eyes on Thursday for the first time after the surgery. This gave a lease of hope to the doctors and her family who expressed their happiness to Mumbai Live.

According to Dr. Paresh Doshi, Director of Neurosurgery, Jaslok Hospital, Bhavesha suffered labour pain after which she was shifted to Mulund’s maternity home. Doctors immediately performed a C-Section on her which led to blood loss and dip in blood pressure. Following this, she slipped into a coma after delivering two healthy babies.

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She was then moved to Fortis Hospital where she was treated for a month and was kept on a ventilator but her health was not getting any better. She was then discharged from the hospital.

Meanwhile, the family of the woman contacted Jaslok Hospital who then decided to perform a deep brain stimulation surgery. Doshi told Mumbai Live, that before the surgery, they conducted neurological tests on her and they received a positive response. The doctors later performed the surgery on April 3, 2018, which helped the woman to open her eyes. He added that, though Bhavesha has not come out of the coma as such, she will take another 3-4 months to heal completely. 

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