World Diabetes Day Special – Instructions for pregnant diabetic women

Pregnant women must follow a strict diet and exercise post-delivery to keep diabetes under control

World Diabetes Day Special – Instructions for pregnant diabetic women

One staying in Mumbai cannot clock the working hours, especially if the person is related to media or the corporate sector. People end up working for over 12 hours a day which is causing stress and lifestyle diseases. Diabetes is one of those diseases which stays for a long time but can be controlled if one follows a strict diet. More than anyone else, it affects pregnant woman the most and their baby in the womb.

On the occasion of  World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14, Mumbai Live caught up with a gynaecologist Dr Rajshree Katke to know more about the disease and how a diabetic, pregnant woman should take precautions during and post-pregnancy.

  • Pre-conceptional counseling

Precaution is always better than cure. We always tell diabetic women to go for pre-conceptional counselling to avoid health problems. Here, we suggest both the husband and wife to check their blood sugar level which is known as Glycemic Control. When the blood sugar level comes under control, the couple should go for a glycosylated haemoglobin test. This test shows the record of three months and if the result is positive then the couple should not opt for pregnancy as it is harmful to both mother and baby.

  • How does it affect the baby in the womb

Severe diabetes can affect the baby’s head and back as the baby receives mother’s sugar through blood. This also affects baby’s pancreas which disturbs the metabolism and in turn increases the baby weight which lessens the chances of a normal delivery.

  • Problems with delivery

During delivery, there are high chances of the baby’s head or arm getting stuck which can be more painful for the mother and risky to the baby. Also, post-delivery, the sugar level in the baby fluctuates which attracts medical attention.

  • How does it affect the mother

Post-delivery, the mother gains a lot of weight which can cause high or low blood pressure. Also, if diabetes gets out of control, then the mother has to intake insulin in large quantity.

  • Say yes to exercise or yoga

After the delivery, the mother must exercise, perform yoga or at least go out for a walk. Other than this, eyes, kidney and heart should be checked regularly.

  • Diet Control

A diabetic woman should eat food items which have less sugar. Include green leafy veggies, lentils, Broom-corn in the diet. Avoid eating oily food and take medicine under the doctor's guidance.

  • Don’t panic!

A lot of people don't pay attention to their health which can turn fatal. Positive thinking and minimal stress is very important to counterattack diabetes.

If at all woman is pregnant, she must go for a 3D or 4D sonography until 20-weeks of pregnancy, as it helps in showcasing the baby’s disability. If at all, a mother-to-be finds out that the baby is disabled then she can opt for the termination of pregnancy,” Rajshree Katke, Gynaec, Cama Hospital.