DCM Ajit Pawar Leads Efforts to Boost Tourism in Lonavla and Maval

Officials state that with the unwavering commitment and vision, Lonavla and Maval are poised to become even more enticing destinations for tourists, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, adventure, and eco-consciousness.

DCM Ajit Pawar Leads Efforts to Boost Tourism in Lonavla and Maval

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar, during a recent review meeting with the Department of Tourism, spearheaded discussions which revolved around various projects aimed at promoting tourism in the enchanting Lonavla and Maval regions within Pune district. Among the key directives issued by the Deputy Chief Minister was the imperative need for a comprehensive project plan dedicated to the development of a glass skywalk. Free Pres Journal reported that this visionary endeavor is poised to revitalize tourism at the iconic Tiger's Point and Lion's Point in Lonavla, while also fostering nature tourism in the region. Pawar has also pledged substantial financial support for this promising tourism initiative.

Visionary Origin of the Glass Skywalk

The brainchild of Mawal MLA Sunil Shelke, the proposed glass skywalk project represents a visionary idea to harness the untapped potential of this picturesque locale. The project's success hinges on a meticulously structured plan that seamlessly integrates both adventure activities and family-friendly facilities, harmonizing with the region's natural beauty. Pawar stressed the utmost importance of environmental sustainability and urged the Tourism Department to expedite the formulation of the project.

Prioritizing Safety and Environmental Conservation

Given the area's reputation for high wind speeds, ensuring the safety of tourists and environmental conservation stands as paramount concerns. To address this, the proposal suggests the use of stones, rather than concrete, for constructing footpaths. This design choice aims to enable tourists to immerse themselves fully in the pristine natural surroundings. Additionally, the comprehensive plan must incorporate essential amenities, such as parking facilities, to enhance the tourist experience.

Fulfilling a Budgetary Promise

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar had previously made a notable announcement during his 2022 budget speech, emphasizing the creation of tourism facilities in Lonavla. The region, already a magnet for tourists, is poised to see a substantial boost in tourism with the introduction of the proposed glass skywalk at Tiger's Point and Lion's Point. This expansive project, covering an area of 4.84 hectares, promises a diverse range of amenities. Visitors can look forward to thrilling adventure activities like zip-lining, a delectable food park, an inviting amphitheater, an open-air gym, and a variety of recreational games. Initial estimates suggest that the project's cost will hover around Rs 100 crore.

A Thriving Tourism Hub

Simultaneously, Indian Express reported that Ajit Pawar disclosed that he has directed tourism department officials to compile a comprehensive project report outlining the construction of a glass skywalk connecting Tiger Point and Lion's Point in the charming tourist haven of Lonavala, located within the Maval taluka of Pune district. He remarked, "Lonavala is a prominent tourism hub in Maval taluka, and I have instructed officials to incorporate adventure sports for children in the tourism development plan. Sustainability and eco-friendliness should be integral to the development process. The tourism department has been instructed to take prompt action in this regard."

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