Hancock bridge - High Court gives govt a fortnight to find solution

    Sandhurst Road
    Hancock bridge - High Court gives govt a fortnight to find solution
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    The Mumbai High Court has asked the government to provide a solution to the demolished Hancock bridge at Sandhurst Road within a fortnight.

    The iconic Hancock bridge at Sandhurst bridge was demolished a year ago. Hapless residents are still waiting for a solution to their commuting problems, as they need to cross railway tracks for want of a proper over bridge. Following a PIL filed in the Mumbai High Court, the government has now been directed to construct a temporary bridge to ease the residents' problems.

    Following the court's directive, the area was surveyed by a technical department team from the Indian army. The team however reported that a temporary bridge was not the solution to the problem. The army has suggested that a few modifications to the existing water pipeline can help make a temporary bridge.

    The century old Hancock bridge was brought down last January. However, in the absence of any alternative, the hapless residents of the area have been forced to cross the railway tracks to commute. A Mumbaikar, Kamlakar Shenoy filed a PIL saying the lack of a proper bridge had resulted in an increase in the number of accidents in the area. The PIL adds that the area hosts three hospitals as well as educational institutions, with children having to cross the tracks often to get to the schools.

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