Metro neglect becomes fatal!

    Pali Hill
    Metro neglect becomes fatal!
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    Mumbai - Development at stake of people's life is intolerable. A horrible incident took place on Wednesday afternoon, while coming from school, a 16 year old boy Shubham Dubey fell into a 60 feet deep pit dug near Jagruti Nagar metro station. He was taken out from the pit on immediate basis, and was admitted to Disha Hospital. He was referred to Hiranandani Hospital and then later to KEM hospital. His condition is still critical, do we really want metro on such immediate basis is the question which arises? Where is the supervision officers, why is there no safety, why aren't the dug pits covered? RTI Anil Galgali has allegedly held MMRDA accountable for the mishap. Local BJP party worker has requested compensation for Shubham Dubey. MMRDA officer has assured that dug pit shall be covered at earliest.

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