Mumbai Airport's Innovation: Saves 324 kilolitre of water every day

Mumbai Airport won a prize for saving 324-kilolitres of water by using biological cleaning agents instead of water

Mumbai Airport's Innovation: Saves 324 kilolitre of water every day

At Kaizen Conference and Competition 2018, Mumbai Airport stood as the second runner-up in ‘Breakthrough Level Kaizen’ category for saving 324-kilolitres of water every day. The Airport used enzymatic and biological cleaning agents in the men’s urinal and has done away with the auto janitor fragrance sprays.

An airport official informed the media that the Mumbai airport uses a mix of bacteria and enzymes to clean the floors instead of water. Mumbai Airport is the first airport to do the same. It replaced the auto-sensors connected to the flush with a green mixture – consisting of enzymes and bacteria. Despite using the mixture in 200 washrooms, four lakh square meters of the airport also has its utilisation.

The mixture is used in the urinal and sprayed in the air to regulate the strong smell in the bathroom. The bacteria convert the ammonia to nitrogen as the uric acid accumulates after the toilet is used. The Mumbai International Airport, in a statement, said that the Breakthrough Kaizen award is based on the guidelines such as the understanding, uniqueness and simplicity. 

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Mumbai Airport is already certified with platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Certification.  Terminal 2 of the airport was awarded 94 points, highest till date, for its performance in facility management, water efficiency, health and comfort.

Earlier in 2017, the airport was rated world’s best airport for the quality of its service for customers by the Airports Council International.

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