Potholes on Mumbai-Nashik Expressway will be fixed before Oct 25, says Centre to Bombay HC

In a court hearing, the Centre told that the work of filling potholes will be done before Oct 25. The court has asked the Solicitor to update the court about the pothole situation on Monday, October 25.

Potholes on Mumbai-Nashik Expressway will be fixed before Oct 25, says Centre to Bombay HC

The Bombay High Court was informed by the central government through the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) that the potholes on the Mumbai-Nashik expressway will be filled before October 25.

The Bombay HC, on Friday, September 24, had asked the Centre and the state government to be "serious" about the pothole issue on the Mumbai-Nashik expressway and other highways. The court had asked NHAI and the central government to come together and take collective efforts to solve the issue of potholes on the Mumbai-Nashik expressway.

Today, October 4, the court heard the response from Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh, who is representing the Centre. 

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He said to the bench that the repair work between Thane and Vadape, at a 24km stretch is still in progress, and three teams from the authority are working on the same. The work will be completed, by Tuesday, October 5, unless there is heavy rainfall in the area, he said.

The repair work and filling of potholes between Vadape and Nashik (97 km) will be completed in nearly three weeks. Seven teams will be working on the same and added that the 4 to 5 km stretch is 'severely damaged.' He assured the court that the work will be done before the next hearing.

The bench, while adjourning the hearing, asked the solicitor to come back again on Monday, October 25, and update them about the potholes and patchwork situation.

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