Young India, fit India - the Leena Mogre fitness mantra

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    Mumbai - India is a young country, but what is the awareness about fitness and health among the youth of its busiest city – Mumbai?

    In a city that’s forever running, do our young people take time out to stretch, exercise, go for a jog? India’s first female celeb fitness trainer Leena Mogre believes that a country that has an overwhelming population of young people needs to be more aware of the importance of fitness. Otherwise, we will end up as an ‘unfit nation’ in the future, she warns.

    Fitness, she believes, has to be a part of daily life. Good health does not come from crash diets, nor can it be gained surgically or through steroids. Exercise is the best preventive medicine, says the trainer who has groomed celebs like Madhuri Dixit, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu.

    About the diet we need to follow, Mogre is all for native foods. Our regular diet is good enough for us, she says. We should merely keep a track of when we are eating, and should learn to distinguish between hunger and appetite. “We are all becoming professional sitters,” she says, referring to the amount of time we spend sitting in our offices. This is why it becomes important to ensure that we include more protein in our diets in place of fats and carbohydrates.

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