‘Ambedkarite movement will gain momentum’

‘Ambedkarite movement will gain momentum’
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Mumbai - As a part of Mumbai Live’s ‘Ungli Uthao’ initiative, Anandraj Ambedkar, national president of the Republican Sena, spoke freely on various subjects. He spoke on Ambedkarite movement and its internal bickering, an announcement of Shivaji Memorial and present status of Ambedkar memorial, the dispute about Siddharth College and interference of other political parties in it and others. He alleged that ruling parties are using Mumbai only as a cash cow and development of the city has taken a back seat due to corrupt government. He also accepted that there is an internal bickering in the Ambedkarite movement but also expressed hopes that it will gain momentum again. He also lashed out at prime minister Narendra Modi and termed him as a dictator.

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