Anjali Damania is spreading fake news about me: Chhagan Bhujjbal

    Anjali Damania is spreading fake news about me: Chhagan Bhujjbal
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    Social worker Anjali Damania had yesterday accused former Deputy Chief Minister Chhagan Bhujbal for getting five-star facility and VIP treatment at the Arthur Road jail. In his retort to Damania’s this allegation, Bhujbal has released a publicity letter. In these two letters, he stated, "Anjali Damania is spreading false news against me so as to ensure that we do not get the required treatment at the hospital. Clearly, she is making these false accusations to defame me and to influence the judiciary. And therefore, seeing this conduct of hers, we will therefore take appropriate legal action. "

    Further, Bhujbal further specified in this letter that he has been permitted by the court to eat homemade food. Plus the allegation that we are provided with fruits to eat is totally untrue since the fruits are kept with the caterers of the prison and could be only purchased by spending money from our own pockets. He added that each circle has only one television with just Doordarshan airing on it every time.

    Daminia, on the other hand has alleged that Sameer Bhujbal was provided with vodka misex with coconut water in reply to which Bhujbal writes that the Arthur Jail is equipped with CCTV cameras everywhere in its premises. He mentioned that all the cells are constantly inspected hence the allegation of getting vodka in jail or speaking on the mobile phones is completely false.

    Hence, it can be known only after an enquiry that whether or not Bhujbal is receiving facilities akin to a five-star hotel.

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