Mumbai students stage anti-CAA protest during the India-Australia ODI

The group of students from TISS wore anti-CAA slogan t-shirts which read 'No CAA, No NRC and No NPR.'

Mumbai students stage anti-CAA protest during the India-Australia ODI

Some students staged a protest at Mumbai's Wankhade stadium at the first one day international (ODI) held on Tuesday between India and Australia. The group of students was seen wearing the anti-CAA slogan t-shirts, which read 'No CAA, No NRC and No NPR.'

However, some Modi followers responded to this with Modi-Modi chants, thereby both the groups grabbed eyeballs at the event, with their acts. Keeping the sanity in mind, Mumbai Police soon escorted the students out of the grounds, to help maintain peace at decorum at the match.

Talking about the protest, Fahad Ahmad, an organiser from Mumbai's TISS, in a statement said, "Mumbai students, who are also the majority of cricket lovers in a stadium game, decided to take their CAA protest to the game they love and enjoy. The nature of the constitutional crisis the CAA poses demands bigger and larger audiences, something like an India-Australia cricket match offers. It was essential that the audiences and cricket lovers the world over know what kind of human rights crisis India is facing. For once, we firmly believe sports and politics cannot be separate. Who knows, we may not be able to watch cricket the way we do once NRC and CAA comes into effect in India."

Some of the members present at the match said that such activity during a match was not acceptable and one should not stage a protest, at many place. They further stressed that people need to understand the event, emphasising that cricket lovers are present to watch the match and enjoy the day. Such acts only disturb the life with their political agenda.

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