Ban on Saamna is not cool, say citizens

  • Ban on Saamna is not cool, say citizens

Mumbai - Corporators taking digs at rival political party candidates during elections are commonplace.

However, the Bhartiya Janta Party has gone one step ahead and has asked for a ban on Shiv Sena political mouthpiece ‘Saamna’. BJP spokesperson Shweta Shalini has asked that the daily newspaper ‘Saamna’ be banned for three days - on 16, 20 and 21 February, when local body elections will be held.

When Mumbai Live spoke to citizens to seek their views on the proposed ban, most did not welcome the BJP’s move. “You say that the media is the fourth pillar of democracy and on the other hand, you think of bringing a ban on media houses,” said Kishore Patil.

Another citizen, Prakash Patil seconded the argument, adding that the BJP is attacking democracy. “Every other newspaper writes articles praising the party. They are only targeting ‘Saamna’ and this is wrong,” said Prakash Patil.

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